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Accounting for every Drop!

About Us

Welcome to Water Resources Authority

Who we Are

About WRA

Water Resources Authority (WRA) is a state corporation established under Section 11 of the Water Act, 2016. it is mandated through delegated Authority on behalf of the National government to safeguard the right to clean water by ensuring that there is proper regulation of the management and use of water resources, in order to ensure sufficient water for everyone now and in the future.

The Authority has been in existence for 17 years following its establishment under the Water Act, 2002 as Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA).

  • Our Vision

    To be an exemplary regulator of water resources management and use.

  • Our Mission

    To effectively regulate the management of water resources in partnership with stakeholders.

  • Our Slogan

    Accounting For Every Drop!.

What We Do

Water Resources Regulation
Community & County Engagement
Water Use Allocation
Water Resources Assessment and Monitoring
Water Resources Data Management

What Sets Us Apart

WRA is vested with regulatory powers to ensure efficient and sustainable management and use of water resources in Kenya.

WRA oversees equitable allocation of water resources taking into account various human needs, aquatic and ecological use

As a Regulator, our appraoch in safeguarding the resource is entrenched in the Country’s Big 4 development agenda, Vision 2030 strategic objective on water and sanitation and the SDG 6. All these agenda’s and objectives aim to increase water resources availability for multipurpose use but also improve the quality and sustainability of water resources.





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